What’s A Community Curator?

by Jim Henderson on November 5, 2015

Since we only gather one time a month as a group, we have a Community Curator (CC). The CC introduces people to each other, discovers what’s already happening in terms of groups and events, and inspires people to try things that might help others both in and outside the church.

nullMost of this connecting is done online. The best place to begin connecting is the Once A Month Church Facebook group. You do have to request to join but no worries, we accept almost everyone. 🙂 Ultimately, we will create something like a calendar where you will find groups and events OAMC endorses along with bio information and links per how to connect with the groups and hosts you are curious about.

The most important online communication piece you’ll want to receive is this OAMC email. When I or any of the other hosts want to communicate directly with you, it will be via this list. Encourage others to subscribe to this list that you think might be interested in following along. Feel free to invite people, who don’t attend OAMC but are curious, to subscribe as well.

All they have to do is text 66866, enter OAMC in the message box and respond to the links that will be texted to you.

Winn Griffin is the OAMC Community Curator along with his wife Donna and daughter Jeramie Joy. He will be building out the online assets of OAMC. If you have a question about groups or people you would like to meet, email Winn here. He’ll do his best to help you connect.

Also, if you’re interested in starting a group, talk with Winn. At OAMC everyone is on an equal footing to play in the kingdom. What counts as groups? Well almost anything, here are some beginning ideas: walking groups, art groups, writing groups, story groups, bible praxis groups, golfing groups, prayer groups, family groups… be creative!

Full Disclosure

We don’t endorse groups automatically. You’re free to lead any kind of group you like, but if you want OAMC to endorse and promote the group, we’ll have to get to know you first, which means, of course, could take time.

Why? In a loosely structured system like OAMC, it’s easy for people to get the impression that “anything goes,” leading to disappointment when they discover that we do have a few rules. One of those rules is that the welfare of the community trumps personal expression and fulfillment. Meaning, we have an obligation to help guide the development of the group even at the expense of disappointing a few individuals. This is why we encourage people to keep your expectations low. 🙂

Loose Ends

Looks like some people are curious about our experiment. This week, I heard from a Professor of a Nazarene University who’s interested in bringing some students to OAMC to observe, had a fascinating conversation with the President of a major Christian publishing house who called me to ask about OAMC, and was invited to be on The DREW MARSHALL Show this Saturday, which is the most listened to Christian radio show in Canada.

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