OAMC and Kids

by Jeff Nagel on November 28, 2015

We wanted to bring clarity to this situation. First of all, kids are welcome. We love kids, we were kids once…a long, long time ago. Because OAMC is highly focused, we’ve chosen to invest our energies in developing emotionally mature adults who follow Jesus. We think your kids will be better off if you get the attention once a month. Maybe they will fall in love with the God we follow. That is our hope.

nullHere then, are some beginning options to consider that you can provide for your kids. Train you kids to:

  • sit quietly with you
  • color quietly with you at a table we’ve set up for that purpose in the gathering area so you can listen and watch from across the room;
  • play downstairs with one of the parents while the other participates in the gathering (you could split the time half and half); or if you are a single parent take turns with a coupled parent.
  • stay with a babysitter at home while you and your spouse have an OAMC date since it’s only once a month; or if a single parent provide a babysitter for your child at home.
  • share the cost with other parents (single and coupled) and hire a babysitter at OAMC. Let us know and we’ll provide a room downstairs for them.

We encourage you to attend other churches that have kids programs the other three weeks of the month. There are plenty of churches that provide Sunday School services, if this is important to you.

As always, ask any question that you need to that you wish!

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