Good News! God Doesn’t Have A Plan For Your Life

by Jim Henderson on October 7, 2015

Once A Month ChurchI no longer believe that God has a bulls-eye he wants me to hit with my life. I believe that like me with my own kids he waits to see what I decide to do and then responds. He of course has resources for intervening that I lack (like modifying the weather 🙂 but I don’t believe he uses those casually. I, of course, might be wrong and if I am will most likely end up in the God-who-does-have-a-plan-for-my-life, Hell.

I choose to believe in a God who is at least as good as I am on my good days. I choose to believe in a God who delights in and actually “likes” people. I know…imagine that — I mean with that as a premise you don’t even have to explain to people the meaning of the term “The Good News” since they automatically get what you’re talking about. 🙂

With that as a backdrop, I recently decided to try an experiment. I’m curious what God thinks about it. It’s called Once a Month Church. The name says exactly what we will do — the church will gather only one time a month but it will at least be at the official church time — Sunday at 10:30 AM, so at least on that Sunday it will “count.”

The actual church — the people — will gather the rest of the time, whenever and however they feel like it. For all I know there could be church going on several times a day after awhile.For all I know there could be church going on several times a day…

My wife Barbara and I have been talking about this idea for about 5 years but we knew that we were not going to be or willing to be what are typically called The Pastors. Whenever we got to close to actually pulling the trigger, we would both look at each other, yawn and say — not us!

A few months ago I was talking with our good friends Jeff and Julie Nagel who were going through a church transition. We met them almost 25 years ago and were privileged to help them begin their walk with Jesus. We told them about Once a Month Church and their eyes lit up. We had observed how they cared for people and how people cared about them. We asked them if they would like to partner with us in launching OAMC and after 30 seconds of fasting 🙂 they said yes.

I said I was willing to “produce” OAMC, develop leadership and help with the music if they would be the front people or what I call the Chief People Persons — they said yes and we were off. So our experiment begins. The symbolic beginning will be Sunday, November 1st at The Ballard Homestead at 10:30.

Go to for FAQs, address, time and groups you can connect with.

Make sure and read the FAQs because this may not be the place for you. Besides we only meet once a month, which may not actually count if the God-who-has-a-plan-for-your-life is in fact in charge (even though most of the people reading this only go to church about once a month themselves. 🙂

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