Go Hawks! Goes To Church

by Jim Henderson on December 7, 2015

Next Sunday morning instead of a “church service” upstairs, OAMC will watch the Seahawks beat the Ravens on a big screen TV downstairs at Ballard Homestead (game starts at 9:45)

Here’s Why…
1. Christians need to lighten up!

A major criterion for judging the anxiety level of any society is the loss of its capacity to be playful.
—Edwin Friedman

Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned a lot about mental health. People I deeply love have struggled with their minds and meds. Over time, I’ve noticed that the ability to laugh at themselves, is directly correlated to an improvement in their mental health. Humor, particularly self-deprecating humor, requires a sophisticated sense of oneself. The ability to laugh at our selves is a sign of a robust spirituality.

Christians are a chronically anxious bunch. Christians nowadays yell persecution merely because people are criticizing their values, when all that’s really happening is that the tradeoffs of living in a pluralistic society have come home to roost. We act as if power is our God given right. So long as we grasp onto power we’ll continue to lose it. We need to lighten up. Which leads us to next Sundays Go Hawks Gathering! Who knows, maybe replacing a church service with a football game will help lower our chronic anxiety. So apart from the fact that our bylaws require us to schedule church services around Seahawks games we just think it’s funny.

2. One church service does not a church make

Its just about that action, boss.

When people ask me about OAMC, their questions are always about the church service. They want to know when we meet, where we meet, what about kids, and how many people showed up the first Sunday (40). It’s all about the meeting we hold one time a month. Look, we had a good time when we gathered in November but if a super cool church service is what you are looking for I’d give us a C-.

The OAMC gathering is more like an AA meeting plus Jesus. We don’t think of it as the main course of what we intend to be as a church. Clearly unless people start groups and lead them, we won’t become an actual church. It’s the connections between the people and the Holy Spirit that make church Church, not what happens one time a month in a building.

Which is why we refuse to worry about how many church services we hold. We’re not salesmen, we’re gardeners. Our job is to cultivate the field God has set us in. Something’s already growing. We see it. Our job is to encourage and develop that growth in people who are seeking a heartfelt relationship with Jesus and each other. Our job is to midwife what the Holy Spirit is birthing. We feel no obligation to plant a church or tell people what to do. It’s on you and your relationship with the Holy Spirit to figure that stuff out. We’re happy to help move it forward but we will never work harder than you to make it happen.

Like Beastmode says, “its just about that action, boss”

Canceling a church service to watch a football game is an act that speaks for itself.

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