Coming This Sunday at OAMC

by Jim Henderson on January 5, 2016

I wanted to interview Maureen (Mo) Schuster this Sunday but it will have to wait until February since she’s traveling this month. Mo has been a family friend since the mid seventies. She is like a daughter to us and has had a very interesting journey with God.

Since I didn’t have anyone else lined up to interview I thought I’d take 10 minutes to talk about why OAMC exists, which is to develop “emotionally mature adults who follow Jesus”. What do we mean by that phrase and why did we choose it as our goal? To say its a loaded statement is an understatement. I’ll also be sharing a bit about pop up groups

Julie Nagel will be bringing the 5 minute sermon on Sunday. A reflection on John 4- the woman at the well.

We wont be watching the Seahawks beat the Vikings until church is over, at which point we will rush downstairs to Hawk Haven and catch the closing moments of the victory.

February 14th is the date set for OAMC in February (which is Valentines Day). We decided that we will gather on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:30 from Jan- May, so now your next 5 Once A Month Church Dates are set before we take our summer break.

If you haven’t already done so sign up for OAMC email updates– this is the list we use to get word out to people about any changes or opportunities. Here’s how. TEXT 66866. Enter OAMC in message and send. Respond to links


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